Having trouble coming up with video ideas for YouTube?  Start here.  Youtube is growing at an ever-so rapid rate, with creators producing great content and uploading it to their channels every second.  With all of the competition against you, it may feel hard to be unique and grow a fanbase.  Though do not let this deter you, there are endless ways to succeed on the video sharing platform.  We’ve compiled a list of YouTube video ideas to help the brainstorming process in creating a video go a little easier.

video ideas for youtube

Start a vlog channel:

One of the best ways to launch yourself into YouTube stardom is start doing daily vlogs.  In the past year, Casey Neistat has developed a massive presence on YouTube from filming his daily, chaotic life in NYC.  Prankster, Roman Atwood also started a vlog channel that now receives over two million views per video.  Vlogging isn’t the easiest, but it requires little planning and you do not have to have an agenda.  Be creative and most importantly be yourself.  In order to succeed vlogging you must develop your own personality, so that you can stand out from others.

Make a sports video:

One of the best video ideas for YouTube is making a sports video.  Go buy an action camera for example a GoPro, and record yourself playing a sport.  Whether it be snowboarding, swimming, fishing, or playing football there will always be an audience for it on YouTube.  Mash the video up with your favorite music, and create a cool action-sports video.  These are some of the best videos that you can create, and have the ability to foster audience growth.

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Record a talent of yours:

Some of the most viral videos on YouTube are easy to make, quirky videos.  People like to watch funny and unusual content so a hidden talent might just be your introduction to YouTube stardom.  One viral hit can kickstart your online video career.  Remember, the best video ideas for YouTube for beginners may be the most simple.

Record a gaming video:

Gaming videos on YouTube currently hold the number one spot for most watched content on the site.  The only downfall to creating a gaming video is that it requires the use of a capture card to record gameplay.  If you have one or have the money to invest in one, we strongly recommend you do if your passionate about playing video games.  Make videos on reviews of games, walkthroughs, or just you and your friends having a good time playing an online game together.  Some of the biggest gaming YouTuber’s are all about fun, laughing, making jokes, ect. and their fans love it!

gaming video idea

Review a product:

We recommend creating a video of this sort only if you are a tech-savy person and enjoy new products.  Over the course of time, we have seen a rise in the “unboxing” and “reviewing” products (especially tech products).  Lewis Hilsenteger, also known as Unbox Therapy has become famous on the video platform for his clean, interesting tech product reviews.  Though not only UnboxTherapy has garnered millions of views, man other channels have as well.

Make a short film:

Making a short film is one of the best video ideas for YouTube, and the creator can truly express themselves through the videos they make.  It is also a great way to get into movie making without many overhead costs besides a camera, tripod, and other equipment.  Many successful film makers started from doing short videos or skits on an online video platform like YouTube and built a fanbase off of it.

The takeaway from this:

  • Create your own personality and be unique.  Creativity is key!
  • It isn’t easy to grow a channel on YouTube, so upload videos consistently and be patient.
  • There are many different types of videos that you could create, think of something new to do.

Lastly, watch this for more help brainstorming video ideas: